What is Directors & Officers Insurance?

Directors & Officers Insurance gives Directors comprehensive protection against the costs of defending litigation and any damages that may ensue from actions against them.

Who needs Directors & Officers Insurance?

Directors (executive & non executive) of limited companies can be held personally liable for a variety of events that fall outside of their authority. Any Director of a limited company should seriously consider Directors & Officers Insurance.

Why buy Directors & Officers Insurance?

Company Directors can be held personally liable for a variety of events that fall out of their direct control. The Companies Act 1985 lists over 200 offenses alone. Add in legislation in the Health & Safety at Work Act, EC Directives and ever increasing consumer protection legislation and it’s easy to see why the potential for litigation against Directors has never been higher.

Directors & Officers Insurance

Our expertise in this area has enabled us to negotiate a comprehensive range of Directors & Officers Insurance products for our clients. Exact cover depends on each client’s circumstances but a typical policy might include:
  • Corporate Liability Cover available at no extra charge
  • Nil excess option
  • Cost effective Employment Practices Liability

The Right Team

We really understand Directors & Officers Insurance and our team are all highly qualified specialists. That means:
  • We ask the right questions – identifying the risks accurately ensures you get the right protection
  • We know the market – you don’t get an "off the shelf solution". We tailor products to your requirements

We don’t think that one policy fits all. We identify the cover you need based on building a risk profile for your business. As a result the exact cover we recommend may vary from the examples shown.

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Professional Indemnity Insurance can be complex and deciding on the right levels of cover for your business can be difficult. However, we can help you get the right policy for your business at a competitive price.

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